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Where to Contact us



We Wish To Serve you Better!

You can call our offices in:

  • Offices in Argentina
    Ave. B. de Irigoyen 1588 - piso 5to.-
    CP 1138 - Buenos Aires - Capital

    TEL/Fax 54 11 4362 -1247
    ICQ : Consultor

  • Offices in the U.S.A. :
    Cox & Associates International
    P.O.Box 3109 Palos Verdes Peninsula,
    California 90274, U.S.A.
    ICQ : CoxAssocs


Every case will be treated with absolute confidentiality either by me or one of our Associates. We guarantee absolute non disclosure of the consultation, the client and the matters discussed.-

Each study is unique, personalized and the gathered information is shared only with the client.
LatinConsul and Cox & Associates International will guard as confidential all information concerning the affairs of the client that is gathered during the course of the assignment.

We agree to hold such information in strict confidentiality, and not to disclose it to others until such information is released by the client.

Here is the real Key to open the doors of new markets!









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