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How We Work







We offer a specialized service, utilizing a method of work best suited for each assignment and the individual and particular needs of each client.-

This way, i.e. we design global working strategies through our network of International Associates, or through selective hiring ( on a temp basis ) of the best qualified professionals of each particular area of expertise.-

This method of work makes us able to offer the most complete and fine reports since they are not just limited to a simple Market Survey or Sales Forecast allowing us to encompass and take in other areas of information:
The applicable legal frame
Potential clients, Key updated and verifiable contacts.-
Current and historic analysis of your competitors.
Failed and successful strategies.-
Assistance in design of Web Page Product Catalogs.-
Key and personal contacts, in your behalf, with Department or Government officials, Head Buyers, Buying Agents, Commission Sales Agents, Custom Brokers, financial brokers and many other contacts that will allow you to successfully penetrate your target market.-
Logistic support at point of origin or destination. From simple paperwork or procedures, to direct contact and introduction to the best professionals in each area of expertise (Attorneys, Brokers, Notaries, CPA's, Consular Officials, Commercial Attaches, Engineers, Experts, etc).





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