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Dr. Héctor J. Fernández & Associates
Business Consultants - Latin America

South American Associate Firm of the
Cox & Associates International Group -(USA)



The Key
For your Business!

The Company We put the Latin American Markets
In your Hands !

We are an international marketing and business consulting firm based in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Active in international business and trade. More than 20 years experience in the Latin American and Argentine market, are our best credentials.

Our clients are mostly small and medium size manufacturers or producers, interested in opening new markets and doing business in Latin America and Argentina. These are basically, U.S. or European companies, who need themselves or through investment groups the best available information in order to to take sound corporate moves.

We have also been retained frequently by Corporate Groups or Industrial Associations, Export Groups in USA and in Argentina.

If you would like us to send you more information, let us know your comments or suggestions, we remain available in our Offices




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