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We assist companies and business and businessmen worldwide in all matters concerning the opening of foreign markets and identification of business opportunities in Latin America and Argentina. We do this through Market Surveys and Reports, Strategic assessments, Identification of key business contacts and logistic support. We provide top quality commercial, regulatory and practical information.

We are not, Business Brokers, Commission Agents, Importers, Distributors or Re sellers. This way, our Services NEVER will be an additional cost to your product or an unwanted partner to your business.

Or services are provided on a FEE-BASIS ONLY. These fees are set and agreed in advance with the client. They are flexible and can be adjusted to suit each particular situation. You always determine the type of service and the amount of information that you want.

You can always count with us if you need efficiency and serious advice about:

Official Regulations and updated terms of Government contracts and Public Offices or Departments in Argentina.(i.e. International bids)

Applicable legislation, Costs, Practical matters and complete studies regarding import/export of U.S. products from U.S./Argentina and Argentina/U.S.A.

Special Reports regarding Private and Official Programs geared to project financing, Companies and Social Development Programs, Incentives to foreign investment and Bank and Financial system reports.

Comprehensive Market Survey Reports and Sales Forecasts including entry product requirements of your products.

Market potential & Assessment Report. Your product against to other similar ones of your competitors. Competitiveness report. Domestic and Foreign Competitors already in the market. List of potential clients or Distributors. Lists of companies actually interested in buying your product.

Comprehensive assistance and support on your business trip or Trade Delegation visit. Including, tickets and Hotel reservations. Sign up and Registration in Trade Shows. Previous Set up and confirmation of business meetings and appointments with Head Buyers, Purchasing Managers, or Government Officials. Translations, Interpreters, assistants, logistic and office support also available.

Commercial Reports, Financial Reports, Ownerships and complete background check-up and credit assessment of Companies and principals previous to any working relationship or contract.

Sourcing and Identification of new Suppliers and products, raw materials, services and capital goods.

We Identify and screen the best representative for your product in Argentina.-

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